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  1. Outdoor P6 LED Billboard
  2. Outdoor P6 LED Billboard

Outdoor P6 LED Billboard

  • 像素6mm
  • 刷新1920Hz
  • 亮度≥6000cd/㎡
  • 尺寸960mm*960mm
  • 箱体重量40kg

Outdoor P6 LED Billboard

  1. Features

High quality:

Use high quality LEDs with high luminous efficiency and low brightness decay to make the display stable.

Good effect:

To show vivid and clear pictures with high resolution, but low cost; Has good display effect in both pictures and letters because of using real pixel technology.

Good uniformity:

Brightness difference within 10% between any two LEDs, to ensure the brightness and color uniformity of the display; Good uniformity in color solve the problem of mosaic well.

Advanced technology:

Advanced technology of production ensure the quality and lifetime of LED display; With a full range of anti-static measures, effectively reducing the damage to LED from the static, so as to control the death rate of LED five over one million each year.

Diversified display modes:

The products support multiple display modes.

Easy operation:

The products adopt popular video playing software to facilitate system operations.

  1. Parameter

Outdoor P6 Fixed LED Display Billboard.png

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